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Here is a little news from Koffin Kats land. We are getting ready to do a run with a great lineup. Reverend Horton Heat, Unknown Hinson, & Gallows Bound. This tour will basically roll us through the midwest US down to the south, ending in Jackson, Mississippi. As of right now we have no tour set for the East or West Coast  but I assure you... We are making plans. We will be flying out for the Psyclone Fest over there in Long Beach, CA over Labor Day weekend. So hopefully we will see some of you there! 

Speaking of plans... We are currently working on new material. Studio time has been set for early September and as the recording progresses, a release date will be figured out. Yes... my arch nemesis and your favorite stinky shit head Tommy Koffin is working on this one with me, along with E- Ball,  and continues to be “back in the band.”  

Is it going to be like you early stuff bro!?!? We will see what happens I guess ;) 

So thats about it for now... As always, a giant THANK YOU to all of our friends and supporters out there.. we just turned 13 as a band and heres to at least 7 more years so we can make cool “20th Anniversary” shirts! We would never have gotten this far without your support. 

Oh yeah.. one last thing... speaking of shirts. As a band we are firmly against asking for money online. But we are 100% all for offering work for money! So, the guys and I started a print shop a while back called Industrious Dudes. This helps us keep Koffin Kats going when we are not on the road. Who knew being a DIY band would mean constantly needing to generate funds?  We screen print and embroider things like shirts, hats, patches. We work with bands, clubs, and also small businesses. If you or anyone you know is in need of printed goods. Let us know at idmerch@hotmail.com and we will work out a quote with you. 

Of course, we are always looking for new places to play and we are lining up 2017 touring already. So if you are a promoter, booker, or whatever that makes shows happen. Contact us at kk_management@hotmail.com




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