Heyyyyyy Folks!


We just released a new track called “Go For Bad.” It will be available soon on all digital music platforms. BUT! If you want to stream it now, or download it for .99 cents, we have it available direct from us on our website www.KoffinKatsRock.com


We also made up some shirts with a great design by Brian Remillard. They are on sale for $10 for a limited time on our site.


We recorded this track at our KatBox Studio in Livonia, MI. Then sent it off to be mixed and mastered by our buddy David Medina. He does some great studio knob turning and we would like to pass along his email here for anyone interested in his services... dmedina.audio.engineering@gmail.com


This is just the first track of many that we will be putting out this year. Then at the end of the year we plan on taking these 2019 sessions and putting them out on vinyl. Oh, speaking of vinyl.. Party Time In The End Times is currently being pressed to vinyl. We will be posting them for sale as soon as we have them on hand. Looking like March.


West Coast tour dates will be posted soon! Followed by European Tour dates. As always.. Thank you guys for you support. We couldn't do this for this many years without you!


Vic, Tommy & E-Ball


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What's your favorite song on the new Koffin Kats album, Party Time in the End Times?

A Path to Wickedness 1087
Witch in the Woods 304
Nasty Weather 72
Party Times in the End Times 775
No Free Rides 38
Black Night Satellite 724
Outrun 124
Radiator Chains 827
Dark World 178
Pigs in the Grove 2187
Until the sun Explodes 199
Doesn't Really Matter 264
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