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Recorded December 2015 with Roscoe
Mastered by Adam Ayan @ Gateway Mastering Studios
Tracks written and arranged by
Vic Victor- Lead Vocals & Stand Up Bass
Tommy Koffin- Guitar & Backup Vocals
Eric "E-Ball" Walls- Drums & Backup Vocal


Cold Blood, Dead Eyes


Look to the sky but theres nothing to watch
Been some time since the sun blacked out
Life in general has withered and died
Only a monster can manage to get by

Verse 2

Raided a colony left no one alive
What would it matter had they still went on
The world is of ash and were all gonna die
A conscious will leave you losing this fight


Cold Blood Dead Eyes
Walk through the endless night
With only one thought just survive
In a world that has moved on

Cold Blood Dead Eyes
He knows these are the end times
The demons whisper in his ear
Kill or be killed here

After Chorus

A small flame to warm my aching bones
A small flame to cook the wretched meal
To eat your own kind filthy cannibal
I am what I have to be